scrying as a novice

If you practice mindfulness daily, you can become a scryer of life.

Scrying is one of those arts that has fascinated me. Essentially, scrying is entering a meditative state, and looking at the medium of your choice for symbolism to be interpreted. Now, I am by no means an expert. I am still very much learning forms of divination, and while I love reading tarot or using a pendulum, especially for vetting or certain questions I need a concrete answer to, there is something almost romantic about scrying.

It all started with me learning about tasseography, which I first heard of from the Harry Potter books (I’m a Hufflepuff by the way). Then I discovered The Coffee Cup Witch and the cream pours — I was hooked. Looking for symbolism within my coffee just seemed to make sense, as it’s an easier way to infuse my day-to-day with magic. I do this on a fairly regular basis, and though I am still a novice, it has helped me to learn more about symbolism. For more information on coffee scrying, please go to as they are a great resource and will be offering some fabulous services coming this fall.

Then I learned about more mediums for scrying: mirror, wax, oil, water, cloud, smoke, fire, crystals. It seemed to me that our lives were full of opportunities to look for signs. While I have never been one to subscribe to the ‘oh–it’s a sign!’ attitude, I thought for the first time that I had perhaps been too quick to judge. It was time to flip my perspective, but to do so while still wearing my critical thinking cap. Seeing one thing here or there wasn’t a sign. But coming across the same thing, more than once, perhaps had some significance.

And then, it started happening for me. I had a dream about a beautiful, giant black moth. Then, I started seeing moths…everywhere. I saw them while driving, they would fly up and over my car windshield which would give me flashbacks to my dream. They would flutter around me while walking. One night while I was doing readings on TikTok, once flew at my head, and landed on the wall. He watched over me the next few nights. Hell, this experience is what inspired this blog, and its name.

Next came the butterflies. And the deer, and the rabbits. I found myself coming across angel numbers more than I used to. Synchronicities were popping up everywhere, and I was feeling more confident. My intuition grew stronger, and I trusted it even more. I practised my craft more, because I felt magical. It was a little while after all of this when I realized how far I had developed in a short time.

So, I reflected. Meditation and mindfulness were the two changes that came to mind. Actually waking up and not looking at my phone right away. Taking the time with my body to stretch and learn how my body moves and feels after rest. Being present in moments of my life. Ultimately, I had begun looking at my life through the lens of a scryer, and the world had become my medium.

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