creator feature: kvlt kreations

The owner of Kvlt Kreations, Kelsey, or Kelfsey, has really cultivated an online community of witchy crystal lovers who support each other. Every live that Kvlt Kreations hosts includes some who are there to shop, those who are there to hang out, participate in trivia and just all around have a good time.

It was only a few months ago that I started my journey with crystals. I had always been so hesitant to spend the money because I was afraid of being sold pieces that weren’t as advertised. Shopping on the internet still makes me a little skiddish, but I am an older millennial.

A friend on Instagram suggested Kvlt’s page, and even though it took me a while to warm up and purchase something, I found myself tuning in most Fridays. It feels as though you’re going to a party with friends you haven’t seen in ages, but beautifully you don’t have to leave your couch if you don’t want to. Hi, I’m an introvert — is it obvious?

Kvlt Kreations offers a wide array of witchy items. In the forefront, of course, is the high quality crystal adoptions held on their Instagram every Friday evening at 5pm PT. Kelfsey listens to members of the kvlt, seeking pieces she knows will call to people. The space she has cultivated is safe, open and has boundaries set in place to protect herself and others from any unwanted negativity. Have I mentioned the crystals? They’re amazing.

I still don’t have a lot of space for statement pieces or things like that, but I love Kvlt’s options because there is a variety, especially in size. I am able to find pieces that call to me spiritually, are affordable and will fit in the small spaces in my home.

It didn’t take long after their Patreon was launched that I signed up. The Kvlt patreon page shares crystal and astrology info, rituals and has a kick-ass Discord server to boot. Kvlt Kreations also has an Etsy page, which features a lot of their hand-crafted items including ritual kits and candles. I personally have the dragon’s blood ritual oil, which I utilize during manifestation, and I have my eye on some candles.

Kvlt Kreations online space is one that is definitely worth checking out, if for nothing else a sense of community that the world is sorely lacking at the moment. Come for the crystals, stay for the friends.

You can find Kvlt Kreations at the following links:
Instagram Etsy Patreon Twitter

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