how i manifested our first home

Money magick is something that I knew I needed in my life, but I have always been quite hesitant when it comes to that type of manifestation work. We have a pretty comfortable life, and I never want to rock the boat where it doesn’t need to be. But, with the pandemic, the house market, two little ones and just pure exhaustion, we needed a house. So, I decided my first money bowl would be dedicated towards us finding our first home.

I started the bowl in July. Now, this part isn’t that tricky. I read up on money bowls, and referenced online people who worked money bowls. However, I really wanted to ensure I followed my instinct on this one. I found a bowl at an antique store that I liked. I used a basic green spell candle, with carved sigils and dressed in mint and basil. The sigils were created by me specifically for abundance and money. There is plenty of info online about how to dress candles and create sigils. I am happy to cover those topics further at a later date. When rolling the herbs on, I rolled it towards me to help draw money in.

The first step was to cleanse my space and tools (I use a bell), then prepare my candle and make my intentions clear. Then I burned the candle all the way down in the bowl. Next, it was all about adding items of intention. I added a dollar bill, to symbolize that we would not keep wealth within our own household but share with others as we could. I incorporated an earring from an ancestor as this was a manifestation for my family. I included some wool, because as a fiber artist, one of the ways I pull in money is by selling my art. I included some pieces from small businesses as that’s how we try to do most of our shopping. There were also some flower petals, and a lot of crystals.

I sat the bowl in a place that made sense for us (our office, away from the littles), and sort of forgot about it. About once a week or two I would add some more crystal chips, say thank you and show simple gratitude. Once we had out first big break with bills (something was covered by health insurance, and we got completely reimbursed for my sons therapy), I added some more money to the bowl. Then I had some Etsy money come in, after having no sales for about 4 months. I added a bit more wool.

It continued on like that. We continued to make strides in our financial life, and the slow, steady progress felt great. Even my husband had to admit it was helping, even if just a placebo effect.

The last bit that made it happen for us came when we had a large sum of money come in unexpectedly. Without sharing too much, it came in at a time that we really needed it to help with this goal, and we are so very grateful. It was money we hadn’t planned on, and I want to be clear that money bowls don’t always equal large sums of money coming in unexpectedly. It was certainly not what I had thought I would manifest. Money magick also usually requires a budget and awareness of your finances to be successful, anyways. But we were able to close on our new house last week, and to show gratitude, I will be donating some money (including money from the bowl, after I disassemble it) to a local charity.

The fact is, the money bowl was working in the way it was intended, a slow and steady stream of workings with stable income. We happened to have an income stream open up to us we weren’t prepared for. I think money magick is helpful in so many ways. Whether it’s the ritual that helps you to keep your head in the game financially, or the hope that something will work itself out, it is a great form of magick that can help you in real, tangible ways. It won’t necessarily help you win the lottery, but it can give that little energetic nudge for extra money to come in when you need it.

Once we had the money for the down payment, we began looking for a house, and the perfect one went on the market a few days later. After that, all of the pieces slowly fell into place for us to get that house, so I like to believe that it was a little bit meant to be. Maybe that’s just fanciful thinking, but I think that’s where magick really comes into play. Spirit knew that house was for us, and I just helped things along a little bit.

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