in the midst of further awakening

As many of you know, we bought our first home at the end of last year and have spent the past five months getting acclimated to being home owners as well as living in a small town. While it may seem like it would be isolating, considering most of my social interaction happens with friends online, it’s not. But it has led me down an interesting path as the combination of winter and small town life left me alone with my thoughts and a pile of books.

In a previous post, I wrote about the book The Way of the Rose had changed my spiritual perspective, opening me up to a path that I had actively avoided. I am pleased to say that 5 months down the road, I am diving even further into this path. My altar, which is currently set up with Mary, Undoer of Knots, has become a place of sanctuary for me in the early mornings and late evenings. I found it hard to meditate when we were in the deep throes of winter storms, but prayer helped me connect with the divine in a different way.

My understanding of the energetic body and how energy works in our universe has also expanded. A daily energetic routine, including calling back, clearing, grounding and shielding, has become quite important as well. This is done often 2-3 times a day, possibly more if I have any tarot readings to do.

I also signed up for herbalism school. I will share in another post the path that led me there (hint: it was a novena and my husband of all things), but it is something I am quite excited for. I have held off work on this until we get through the next month or so, as things are quite hectic. But I feel that embracing more animism into my practice is essential at this point, and something that really contributes to the foundation of my spirituality.

Finally, one of the factors that has contributed to my further understanding of our spiritual world is my daily practice of sitting with my journal. I currently work with three journals: a commonplace book, a collage/junk journal that I have titled my Prayers and Portals book, as well as a daily journal which serves as more of a record but also has pretty stickers.

The prayers and portals book has filled a niche for me in that it helps me with visualization and path working, allowing me to build my own meditations. I am able to visit my own psychic spaces, or portals, within these pages, in a more substantial way. I am able to build artistic prayers to Our Lady. I have made journal spreads to connect with my ancestors, the dead, and to honor my inner child. I have learned about various aura colors, and recorded memorable snippets from spiritual books. I have also been able to use this to energetically connect with characters or worlds I’m trying to write about.

It’s something I hope to share more on in the future. I considered hosting a workshop about these topics, but at this time I am far too busy with appointments, the school year, home improvements and an impending surgery. So, for now I will be sharing in these posts.

Perhaps it’ll just be for me, however this form of artistic expression has scratched not only a creative itch but also a spiritual one, and I believe it’s something that can easily be integrated into a routine to help in anyway you need to. If you have questions, please message me via Instagram or leave a comment. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on this space for more.

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