returning to my roots: light is the new black

I, like many of us, dabbled in spirituality and witchcraft from childhood through my teens and early adulthood. It was edgy, it was fun, it was different — and it scratched a very specific itch that Christianity wasn’t touching. It afforded us some semblance of control over our lives, but I’ll be honest…follow through was never my strong game.

Through the process of getting my bipolar diagnosis, the book Light is the New Black came out, and a lot of the people I followed on social media at that time were raving about it. So, I decided to check it out. Hell, I think I even tried to start a book club? It was a fuzzy time filled with a lot of emotions and chaos.

It helped to transport me back into spirituality, and reminded me of a time when magic was enough. My alcoholism was in a lull, so I threw myself back in. But, to be honest, my brain was NOT in the position to fully comprehend the lessons the book was teaching. It became difficult to get through, and so I tucked it away. Like I said, follow through? I didn’t know it.

As I’ve rambled in my posts before, bed rest during pregnancy encouraged me to follow my passions and curiosity. Spirituality became integrated on that path, and here we are. I’ve recently been going through somewhat of another spiritual awakening, and I just finished the book I started 7 years ago.

I was called back to this book by an newsletter I signed up for ages ago advertising the newly released Rose Oracle. I also have had roses popping into my life quite a bit since beginning my work with Our Lady, so I decided to follow the signs and pick up the oracle as well as revisit the book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of the practices author Rebecca Campbell shared in this first book were already a large part of my practice.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in all love and light. I think that getting to know our shadow and fully accepting all the parts of ourselves is a huge part of the journey. The book was definitely more on the positive side of spirituality, but it was exactly what I needed at this time, and I opened myself up to it.

I also think that it was important for me to go through the books and research that I had prior to this so I could look at the material through a more well-informed lens. The book seems to be largely unverified personal gnosis, which isn’t a bad thing as Campbell told the narrative more as a personal journey than anything else. She shared what has worked for her in the hopes that those modalities could potentially serve others.

I was happy with the experience, so much so that I received her next book as well as the Rose Oracle today. I also was able to catch the last two days of her free workshop Journey of the Soul. I was able to take my first meditative journey to the Akashic Records, and received some interesting downloads. It was an illuminating experience, and I have found myself inspired, at my laptop at 10:30pm (late for me) determined to share my writing with all of you.

Sometimes, a path outside our comfort zone will call to us and that’s okay. I started this blog at a completely contrasting state of soul, and I understand that definitive labels on our craft only tries to contain the uncontainable (is that a word? oh well). So thank you to Campbell and the book I held onto for so long. I look forward to my relationship with my new oracle deck, as well as diving into Rise Sister Rise.

I am also excited to recommit to this blog, and can’t wait to share more of my realizations with these posts. Stay tuned for an incoming journal post!


Labels only serve those outside my practice.

Being open to change allows me to stay in flow with the universe.

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