portals and prayers journal: stepping through the portal

One aspect of spirituality that I have brought into alignment is the idea of creative expression as energy work. We are able to traverse other planes and converse with Spirits and entities when we are in the creative headspace. This helps those of us who have a more difficult time holding attention in what we know as standard meditation. The creation process leads us into our trance state.

Collage journaling, art journaling and junk journaling are activities I have dabbled in, but as my crochet inspiration kept hitting a wall, I needed something to get back to that creative place. So, I reached for a new journal, brought out my ephemera and got excited about the idea of world building. The prayers & portals book was born.

Years of addiction have effected my capacity to visualize. I utilize guided meditations for this reason, but I wanted to set up my own psychic spaces to connect. So, much like a Pinterest or mood board, I put down colors and symbols and pictures on paper. I have built places to converse with my ancestors, meeting spaces for my guides, pathways to the underworld. The visuals help me to paint a picture.

Underworld Journey including visual elements as well as Sigil and Protection Magick

Then, either while your creating or afterward in meditation, you can do a pathworking of the space you created. Originally pathworking was done as a form of astral travel of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, and now has come to encompass things like a journey meditation of the tarot (for example). Llewellyn Pathworking Definition

On an energetic level, these actions help to build this astral world where you set the parameters, and you can draw boundaries with the entities you invite in. It opens the portals that we, as practitioners, can move through. Make sure you are clear with your intention and boundaries when creating; you can go so far as to write an opening & closing incantation for the space.

Our astral body can then safely move into this space to perform magick and connect with our Spirit allies. We can walk with the dead, dance with our guides, meet plant and land entities and channel messages. This can happen via meditation (whatever that looks like for you) or via dreamwork.

You can continue to build upon these spaces in the pages of your journal. Layering up visuals and energy work to strengthen your connection to it will allow the journey to happen at ease with more practice. This is similar to a trigger with a hypnosis that will send you back to your meditative state.

These portals do connect us with the astral plane, the Field, the Otherworld, energetic plane or whatever term you care to use. Practicing spiritual hygiene is important, as well as making sure you’re clear with your protections.

Ultimately, there are no rules besides making sure you are safe. Use this practice creatively and whatever way you see fit. I started the process as a low-energy way to help myself build more personalized meditations, and it has worked for me; although my practice is ever-growing. Sitting with my journal once a day has become apart of my daily practice, and you’ll find it could for you as well.

You may have your own spin to put on this process, and that is the whole point. Remember, you’re the world-builder, the key-holder as well as the traveller. Have fun, psychic supertramp.

Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow to learn about the prayers section of this journaling practice. Also, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! 

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