animism: a call to the land

Todays card pull, dreamland & soul check-in theme is connecting to this land. learning more about it, accepting it as my home. Having a cherished relationship with the trees. Conversing with birds. Catching a glimpse as rabbit tucks into the leaves of our hedgerow, skipping to the abandoned building next door.

I dreamt of wolves and black bears, and while these creatures don’t reside near me, I saw them in the places of my childhood, grazing lazily on the hillside by the highway. I don’t know why I dream of this hill so often, it is perhaps the most clear part of my memory of this place in time. It was odd behavior for these animals, but they stopped and looked me in the eye as I passed.

I knew the message. Stop looking elsewhere. Stop being dissatisfied and show some damn appreciation.

For reasons known and unknown to me, we ended up back in the place I spent my lifetime trying to leave. My dreams are telling me that beautiful nature is right outside, it dancing in front of my windows every morning. Stop looking for the other places and focus on the here.

My morning pages and daily card pull reflected this as well. As I recorded my dream, I knew it was time to let go of the boredom with this place, and start finding beauty in the details. None of us planned on a pandemic, especially me with my two little ones in tow. We have been so lucky, so it is time to practice gratitude.

My card from The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell reads “Plant Yourself Here.” Roots, baby. Put your hands in the dirt (I’m horridly unfamiliar with gardening and am hoping to change that). Learn the species that surround you. Set up places of comfort that unite you and the land. Connect with the animal and plant life. These are messages I received today.

This evening, I am diving deep into meditation. I received the name of a guide who has been appearing to me, and saw messages other affirmed my dreamland trek. They also showed me writing and sharing my thoughts with you all.

During this slow shedding of winter, as spring unfurls her delicate fingers, I find it hard to shake my seasonal depression that has become much more constant throughout the year. It is a call to be gentle with myself, and to remain open to receive as the Universe sees fit. So, I allow these words to pour from me in reverence, to you, to the land, and to everyone who is doing their best these days.

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