fiber craft for grounding

This past year, my relationship with crochet grew tenuous. What used to be my saving grace left me feeling disconnected. I found solace in other fiber arts as well as journaling, but crochet was my first. It was special. I missed it, but the inspiration was…gone. In 2019 when I was on bedrest with my […]

a walkabout with the time tiger: time and memory within spiritual practice

Time is an aspect of reality that is rather mind-blowing. The U.S. government is making moves to make daylight saving time permanent — which just goes to show how much of this is made up anyways. This is the thought I’ve had since childhood. It is a topic of debate among scientists, and has become […]

childhood full of existential dread, or something

CW: alcoholism, death, suicidal thoughts Edit: just want to add this addendum that I am feeling ok in my life now, and am quite happy at times. The state of the world and society is easy to drown in, but I am doing my best to educate myself and teach my kids. I just wanted […]

daily practices: write in your journal

The third phase of reigniting my journal practice was moving past the collage pages and showing up to write. Let me tell you, my brain has fought every step of the way. But, to be honest, that’s usually how it happens when something is going to be beneficial for me. I am only in the […]

word witchery

Word witchery means that our altars, our spells and our devotion is built with language. We dance among pages, painting scenes and calling forth incantations. Energy lies behind everything: thoughts, words, actions. Much like the energy behind a written charm or a prayer, words pack a punch in witchcraft. Words allow us to weave together possibilities in liminal space. Words help us figure out who we are in relation to the universe.

portals and prayers journal: prayers to everything

Outside of the portal entries the other side of this journal includes prayers. Prayers to deity, animal spirits, plants, my higher self, my inner child, archetypes, colors, places, spirit guides, a piece of writing, astrological sign, or the universe. There is no limit here. What do I mean by prayer? Many of us think of […]

animism: a call to the land

Todays card pull, dreamland & soul check-in theme is connecting to this land. learning more about it, accepting it as my home. Having a cherished relationship with the trees. Conversing with birds. Catching a glimpse as rabbit tucks into the leaves of our hedgerow, skipping to the abandoned building next door. I dreamt of wolves […]

word witch spells

This is an unscheduled posts, but after an intense meditation (thank you to the Missing Witches Podcast) I received a download of incanctations for my writing practice. I wanted to share them with the collective, if you are open to it. Also featuring a new statue of Our Lady to build one of many sacred […]

returning to my roots: light is the new black

I, like many of us, dabbled in spirituality and witchcraft from childhood through my teens and early adulthood. It was edgy, it was fun, it was different — and it scratched a very specific itch that Christianity wasn’t touching. It afforded us some semblance of control over our lives, but I’ll be honest…follow through was never my strong game.


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