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  • daily practices: write in your journal

    daily practices: write in your journal

    The third phase of reigniting my journal practice was moving past the collage pages and showing up to write. Let me tell you, my brain has fought every step of the way. But, to be honest, that’s usually how it happens when something is going to be beneficial for me. I am only in the […]

  • word witchery

    word witchery

    Word witchery means that our altars, our spells and our devotion is built with language. We dance among pages, painting scenes and calling forth incantations. Energy lies behind everything: thoughts, words, actions. Much like the energy behind a written charm or a prayer, words pack a punch in witchcraft. Words allow us to weave together possibilities in liminal space. Words help us figure out who we are in relation to the universe.

  • portals and prayers journal: prayers to everything

    portals and prayers journal: prayers to everything

    Outside of the portal entries the other side of this journal includes prayers. Prayers to deity, animal spirits, plants, my higher self, my inner child, archetypes, colors, places, spirit guides, a piece of writing, astrological sign, or the universe. There is no limit here. What do I mean by prayer? Many of us think of […]

  • animism: a call to the land

    animism: a call to the land

    Todays card pull, dreamland & soul check-in theme is connecting to this land. learning more about it, accepting it as my home. Having a cherished relationship with the trees. Conversing with birds. Catching a glimpse as rabbit tucks into the leaves of our hedgerow, skipping to the abandoned building next door. I dreamt of wolves […]

  • word witch spells

    word witch spells

    This is an unscheduled posts, but after an intense meditation (thank you to the Missing Witches Podcast) I received a download of incanctations for my writing practice. I wanted to share them with the collective, if you are open to it. Also featuring a new statue of Our Lady to build one of many sacred […]

  • portals and prayers journal: stepping through the portal

    portals and prayers journal: stepping through the portal

    How my prayers & portals journal have helped me traverse the astral

  • into the Field

    into the Field

    I have been on a book kick lately. I’d say I am in the middle of about 50 books (I haven’t counted but I wouldn’t be surprised) at this point. So many subjects have been so intriguing lately, and I can’t seem to read fast enough. That’s mom life though — anytime I sit down […]

  • how praying the rosary has changed my practice

    how praying the rosary has changed my practice

    Praying the rosary seemed complicated, and like something I would quickly bore of. But another one of the aspects of Christianity I really felt connected to was prayer. One religion couldn’t just take the term prayer. I may be a witch, but I wanted to pray as well! So, I began my daily devotional of praying the rosary. It definitely hasn’t happened everyday (moving to our new house in December with two toddlers = no time), but I find myself returning to it consistently. Even when my voice cracks, or I worry I am not going to be able to stay awake, Our Lady is there for me.

  • how i manifested our first home

    how i manifested our first home

    Once we had the money for the down payment, we began looking for a house, and the perfect one went on the market a few days later. After that, all of the pieces slowly fell into place for us to get that house, so I like to believe that it was a little bit meant to be. Maybe that’s just fanciful thinking, but I think that’s where magick really comes into play. Spirit knew that house was for us, and I just helped things along a little bit.

  • gratitude: sobriety in spirituality

    gratitude: sobriety in spirituality

    to say, sobriety and spirituality can 100% go hand in hand. This is my experience, and as it’s personal to me, I wanted to ensure you all that anyone who tells you otherwise is full of it. The beauty of witchcraft is that we get to carve out our own path. It’s special to us. You don’t have to smoke weed or participate in hallucinogens if it doesn’t feel right for you. You don’t have to leave offerings that make you uncomfortable. Your path wants to reflect the most authentic version of yourself, so don’t be afraid to draw a boundary when it comes to your sobriety. I promise, your ancestors value your health above a glass of wine any day.