• struggling with the basics

    struggling with the basics

    hese are things that I am working on, and developing everyday. I am sure they will continue to grow and evolve along with my practice. I hope this helps, and if you find yourself struggling with these things, please reach out to me! I would love to connect with others who have a hard time with these practices that are considered “the basics.”

  • Pressures we put on ourselves as witches

    Pressures we put on ourselves as witches

    It’s all about energy. Making our own ingredients and tools puts energy behind the intention of our spell. Finding and supporting small businesses in the occult community also puts energy behind the intention of our spell. Both paths are valid.

  • deity work isn’t for everyone — and that includes me

    deity work isn’t for everyone — and that includes me

    WitchTok is lit up with talk of deities fading, leaving or disappearing. I can’t comment on your experience, just share mine. I don’t know what is happening in your practice with your deity, if it’s something normal, if it’s a sign you should see where your journey is heading next, or something else entirely. But learn to flow with what’s happening, and accept change if it’s come knocking at your door. It can leave you feeling raw, but excited for the future.

  • My Best Friend’s Exorcism

    My Best Friend’s Exorcism

    I initially picked up this book because it looks like an old VHS tape of a horror movie from the 80s. I knew that’s what they were going for. I give this book four out of five stars, and while I love nostalgia just as much as the next person, it just isn’t enough to warrant another star.

  • scrying as a novice

    scrying as a novice

    Ultimately, I had begun looking at my life through the lens of a scryer, and the world had become my medium.

  • lughnasadh


    We always hear the phrase “mundane before magick”, which is totally valid in certain circumstances, but what about imbuing the mundane with magick?

  • introduction to an average witch

    introduction to an average witch

    invite you to discuss, engage, challenge and share as I want to create a safe space for those who are learning, as well as those who are no longer novice but certainly not expert (where I am). I know I struggled for a time once I had read all of my beginner witchcraft books, and put in some time on the basic practices. Where to go from there? There are so many possibilities, so let’s explore them together!