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  • a walkabout with the time tiger: time and memory within spiritual practice

    a walkabout with the time tiger: time and memory within spiritual practice

    Time is an aspect of reality that is rather mind-blowing. The U.S. government is making moves to make daylight saving time permanent — which just goes to show how much of this is made up anyways. This is the thought I’ve had since childhood. It is a topic of debate among scientists, and has become […]

  • daily practices: write in your journal

    daily practices: write in your journal

    The third phase of reigniting my journal practice was moving past the collage pages and showing up to write. Let me tell you, my brain has fought every step of the way. But, to be honest, that’s usually how it happens when something is going to be beneficial for me. I am only in the […]

  • word witchery

    word witchery

    Word witchery means that our altars, our spells and our devotion is built with language. We dance among pages, painting scenes and calling forth incantations. Energy lies behind everything: thoughts, words, actions. Much like the energy behind a written charm or a prayer, words pack a punch in witchcraft. Words allow us to weave together possibilities in liminal space. Words help us figure out who we are in relation to the universe.

  • word witch spells

    word witch spells

    This is an unscheduled posts, but after an intense meditation (thank you to the Missing Witches Podcast) I received a download of incanctations for my writing practice. I wanted to share them with the collective, if you are open to it. Also featuring a new statue of Our Lady to build one of many sacred […]